Bulbuli's Bamboo


Bulbuli lives in a bamboo house in a bamboo grove, and is busy in her little bamboo world   from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep. Just by following Bulbuli around,   this evocative story told in a rhythmic, cumulative style spotlights bamboo to make green statement simply and charmingly. Bamboo is, after all, one of the fastest growing plants on earth and one bamboo grove releases nearly thirty-five per cent more oxygen and absorbs about four times as much carbon dioxide than an equivalent cluster of trees. Words and pictures communicate a very real sense of the versatility of bamboo and its importance as a key resource for sustainable living.

Illustrated by Proiti Roy


Phuleswori: The Flower Princess


Phuleswori is a beautiful and talented princess, but the food at her new palace isn't for her.     She misses her mother's cooking too much!

Illustrated by Suvidha Mistry


The Tiger Mom


The tiger mom has three little tiger cubs that she wants to feed, but will she be able to find any meat for them? Read this beautifully illustrated story about the jungle world with your little cub.

Illustrated by Kathryn Selbert


The Queen's Game


When a son and his mother get ready for bed, they repeat "Aadim saadim baad", or     “According to the rules of our ancestors!” Follow along while you get ready for bed, too!

Illustrated by Tiffany Laurencio


Bumoni's Banana Trees and the Raiding Wild Elephants

Bumoni's family lives off their sustainable banana grove until wild elephants - from the national park across the river - raid them, and bring about man and animal conflict. Bumoni's solution to the problem makes man the winner temporarily, but, Bumoni’s involvement promises a resolution of the conflict in the future.

Illustrated by Mandy France